What if you, as well as your customers, can now receive email notification when your order has been successfully delivered?

Here at Pickupp, we are the only one who could notify both you and your customers via email when your orders have reached the intended recipients! These emails are fully customisable, easy to configure, and most importantly, completely free!

Not only will this feature build your brand image, it will also provide your customers the care and attention they deserve.

If you wish to send notification emails to your customers, here are the 2 simple steps:

1 )  On ‘Account Info’ page, customise and draft your email template in section ‘Customise Email Template’.

This will be the template email sent to the contact person(s) upon pick up and/or drop off.

When you are done drafting your email, click ‘Update’.


Note: you can’t have more than 1 email template with the exact same Status, Trigger at point, and Send to options.

Watch here for a demo!


2 )  Upon placing an order, enter up to 2 contact information to send notification emails by ticking the buttons.

If you are placing orders via ‘Bulk Create’ function, you can enter the 2 contact information at the additional columns on the right hand side.

Once your delivery has reached the indicated milestones, an email with your customised template will be sent automatically to the indicated contact person.


Have full flexibility and freedom of how your emails are worded, structured, and sent!

What are you waiting for? Try out now!